Covid Protect Advice 

We are committed to keeping you up to date with the latest, secure advice, regardless of what size your business is. Please take time to reflect on these different current areas for potential fraud and think how these could affect your business.


Whilst most people are behaving responsibly, sadly as we know there are fraudsters seeking to exploit these times when businesses may be feeling unsure or working in different environments.


The guidance on this page is crucial if you are in business so please take a few minutes to read it. Whether you are managing online demand and if your colleagues and others in your team are working remotely, please read the latest advice here on mandate fraud and trading securely.

The NEBRC will keep you up to date with all the trusted guidance as it becomes available so please monitor this section of our website.

If at the current time, you would like further trusted advice on Working From Home then we are pleased to also recommend a further resource called Work From Home Community Forum support group run by the Global Defence Alliance.


This community is a resource where GDA subject matter experts will be on hand to answer specific questions about security issues related to working from home. There are more resources and guidance located in the Community Forum which is open to anyone. So if you have questions that require reliable, trusted answers, then we  recommend that you have a look at the forum and also participate yourself. You can also ask questions directly.


Thank you for your support in helping to keep us all safe at this difficult time.

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