Cyber attacks can affect your customers


Cyber-attacks not only affect businesses but customers, too.

This was recently highlighted by the news that global rental car company, SIXT has faced a serious security breach impacting operations and taking branches offline.

Due to services and systems being offline, customers whose SIXT rental cars had broken down were left stranded without roadside support.

As a result, the reputation of SIXT – which has 2,000 locations in more than 10 countries – has come into question as users have reported extremely poor customer service.

SIXT told IT Pro that it “was able to contain [it] at an early stage,” however an investigation is still being carried out by cyber-experts who have so far revealed that no customer data has been compromised.

Full details of the breach have not been revealed to the public and it is unclear whether it was a ransomware attack.

Cyber security can be supported by backup systems, managing passwords carefully, and training employees on what to watch out for to protect the business.

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