Cyber Insurance for Businesses


It is widely acknowledged that cyber security is a key requirement for businesses and organisations of every size and sector. Today, the reality is that any business can be targeted by ransomware, malware, or phishing scams, which if successful, can take networks down and leave confidential data exposed.

But managing threats and keeping systems protected often requires some technical knowledge, which can be difficult to navigate as a business owner.

Cyber insurance can provide a safety net for all businesses. It can help organisations recover following an attack, including covering any legal and regulatory actions required afterwards.

An insurance package often includes cyber security consultancy services, risk management support, and compensation if an attack is successful.

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) states that cyber insurance is a measure that can be put in place to protect businesses but should not be treated as a factor that will solve all cyber security issues. Just as homeowners should have adequate security measures in place for their house insurance, cyber insurance is no different.

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The NEBRC is a not-for-profit police-led company that aims to educate, inform, and support businesses across the UK on cyber security and online crime.