The Police Protect Network 

Every Police Force now has a dedicated cybercrime unit, which investigate and pursue offenders and help businesses and victims to protect themselves from attacks. Within these teams, each Force has a dedicated Cybercrime Protect Officer whose role is to raise awareness of cyber Security.

Protect Officers are your local point of contact to receive tailored support and guidance relevant to your geographical area. 

Dannielle Lee

Cyber Protect Officer, South Yorkshire Police


Dannielle Lee joined South Yorkshire Police as a Cyber Protect Officer in January 2020. 


Her role involves delivering cyber crime protection information to communities and

businesses across the South Yorkshire force area through presentations, meetings and

calls. She is also experienced in sharing messages with the wider public through social

media and community alerts.


In addition, Dannielle provides personalised, one-to-one advice and support to previous victims of cyber crime to prevent them from becoming a repeat victim.


Dannielle has a BA(Hons) degree in Criminal Justice and has completed the NPCC's Foundation in Computing and Networking and Cyber Crime Protect and Prepare courses. Her role covers the Protect and Prevent stands of the '4 Ps' counter-fraud strategy of 'Pursue, Protect, Prevent and Prepare'.


Dannielle has always lived in South Yorkshire and is passionate about providing a public service and making a difference in her local area. Before becoming a Cyber Protect Officer, Dannielle spent a year and a half as a Community Safety Volunteer for the force and was also a helpline volunteer at the Sheffield Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre. 

Alistair Kennedy

Cyber Protect Officer, Humberside Police

Alistair Kennedy has been a Police Officer in Humberside Police for 19 years.

He has worked in a variety of roles within the force and joined the Cyber Crime

investigation team early 2019 moving from a role in safeguarding.


As the Cyber Protect and Prevent Officer, Alistair’s role is to deliver tailored cyber

security advice to communities and businesses in the Humberside area using a variety

of mediums. Alistair has good working relationship with many business and charities in

the Humber region. He also work with Centre for digital innovation (C4DI) in Hull to try to inspire young people in to technology.

Alistair have completed training in Foundation course in Cyber crime, CompTIA Sec+ and the Art of Ethical Hacking. Alistair has lived in Hull for 20 years and is originally from Edinburgh and Qualified in Agriculture at Aberdeen University. Alistair is passionate about cyber awareness in the Humber Region and works tirelessly to make the Humber regions somewhere safe to do business.

Claire Turnbull

Cyber Prevent and Protect Supervisor, Durham Constabulary

Claire is the Cyber Prevent and Protect Supervisor with Durham Constabulary, managing

the Cyber Prevent and Protect team which cover the whole of County Durham and



Claire’s career in Policing started when she joined Durham Constabulary in 1992 as a

Special Constable. Claire has experience in various roles within the organisation and joined

the Cyber Crime Team in 2017.


Claire and her team deliver Cyber Protect advice to communities, local businesses and organisations, and host business events for local SMEs. She is experienced in sharing messages with the wider public through social media and community alerts. Claire and her team also provide personalised, one-to-one advice and support to previous victims of Cyber Crime to prevent them from becoming repeat victims.


In her role, Claire covers the Protect, Prevent and Prepare strands of the 4 P’s strategy to help make businesses and the public more resilient against Cyber Crime. Claire has undertaken a number of courses in Cyber Security from both Firebrand and QA, and is certified in CISMP (Certificate in Information Security Management Principles).

Katie Cain

Cyber Prevent and Protect Officer, Durham Constabulary

Katie Cain is one of the Cyber Prevent and Protect Officers for Durham Constabulary.

Katie has a variety of experience prior to working in cyber. After obtaining and BA

Honours degree from Newcastle University, Katie worked in management in the

customer service industry.

Joining Durham Police in 2015, Katie worked in community policing with a big focus on

public engagement. She has since worked in roles associated with force intelligence, and also supporting the victims of hate crime.

Katie has a strong interest in cyber security and has since undertaken the NPCC Cyber Crime Foundation and the Art of Ethical Hacking. Katie is a skilled public speaker, and regularly presents to the public and businesses on how to stay safe in the online world.

Maresa Bell

Prevent and Protect Officer, Durham Constabulary

Maresa has been in the role of Cyber Prevent and Protect Officer at Durham since

April 2020.

As part of the team, Maresa helps increase public awareness of cybercrime through

social media and provides advice to communities and small businesses. This can be in

the form of presentations, interactive training or events.

Maresa also provides personal advice to victims of cybercrime and ensures they have the support to prevent them from being a repeat victim. Within Prevent, her aim is to help support parents and schools spot the signs of potential misuse, educate young people on the computer misuse act and the different path ways they can take with their skills.

Jonny Green

Cyber Protect Officer, NERSOU

Jonathan comes from a strong technical background, with a BSc(Hons) Computer

Science degree and currently studying towards a MSc in Cyber Security. He has

completed training in CISMP; CompTIA Sec+; ISO 27001 and Cyber Incident Response



Jonathan joined the police in 2008 as an intelligence analyst and has worked at both local

and regional levels. He joined the North East Regional Cyber Crime Unit in 2017 as a Cyber

PROTECT Officer where his primary role was to engage with businesses and communities in the Cleveland, Durham and Northumbria police force areas providing national advice and guidance.


He has extensive experience of speaking at forum, group and cluster events, as well as specific advice and support to businesses on a one-to-one basis. He can deliver tailored staff awareness sessions and also cyber exercises to test business resilience in the event of a cyber attack.

Jon Hudson

Cyber Protect Officer, NERSOU

Jon is a Regional Cyber Protect Officer within the North East Regional Special Operations

Unit (NERSOU); a collaboration of our 3 North East Police Forces – Durham, Northumbria

and Cleveland. The core function of his role is to help businesses understand what the threats

are in cyber space and help businesses understand their vulnerabilities in order to be more



He is part of a wider North East Cyber Protect Network which consists of Cyber Protect Officers within NERSOU and the 3 forces. The network works to deliver a National Strategy set in collaboration with key partners such as the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC).


Jon worked in Durham Constabulary’s IT Department as a desktop support engineer for 10 years achieving Microsoft Qualifications (MCDST, MCTS, MCP) before moving across to NERSOU in 2014 to help set up the new Regional Cyber Crime Unit (RCCU). He was trained in digital forensics, acquisition of live digital data and advanced open source investigation techniques. He spent 3 years in the investigation team of the RCCU, tackling Cyber Dependant Crime before moving to the newly formed Protect role in November 2017. Since then, Jon has then completed training relevant to the Protect role in Cyber Incident Response Management, ISO27001, Information Security (CISMP) and Comp TIA Sec +. Jon is currently undertaking a Cyber Security masters in Cyber Security at Sunderland University.

Claire Vandenbroecke

Cyber Protect Officer, Northumbria Police

Claire Vandenbroecke has been working for Northumbria Police since June 2018; joining

initially as a Customer Service Advisor in their Communications Department before moving

over to the newly formed Force Specialist Cyber Crime Investigation Team as their

dedicated Cyber Protect and Prepare Officer.


Since then she has completed training in CISMP and Comp TIA Sec+ and her primary

role is to engage with businesses and communities in the Northumbria Police area, providing advice and guidance in the form of presentations, workshops and webinars. In addition, Claire provides personalised, one-to-one support to victims of cybercrime and is the Lead Co-ordinator of the free Vulnerability Assessment Service which the North East Protect Network provides to businesses in the Northumbria, Durham and Cleveland Police areas.


Claire comes from a digital media background, with a BA(Hons) degree in Film and American Studies, and has worked on many TV, film and radio productions around the UK. Her love of technology grew from these experiences and she often calls upon the skills she acquired during this time when designing new, innovative ways to deliver her cyber security messages to the public.

Rob Cowgill

Cyber Protect Officer, West Yorkshire Police

Rob comes from a strong training background, qualified as a trainer Rob was previously

the lead on Cybercrime training for WYPs new recruits.

He has successfully gained a qualification in CISMP and has also completed various

Firebrand and QA courses.


Rob joined the Police in 2007 as a front-line Police Officer, based in Bradford. He soon began to mentor, tutor and assess new recruits that joined, before becoming the lead Cybercrime trainer for Foundation Training at WYP.

He joined WYP Cybercrime Team in 2018 as the Force Cyber PROTECT Delivery Officer where his primary role was to engage with businesses and academia in the West Yorkshire area providing national advice and guidance.


He has developed a vast array of business networking contacts, which helped him with the development of Project Cerebral- a competition which was designed to ‘pit the wits’ of students from Universities across the West Yorkshire area, he has extensive experience of speaking at forum, group and cluster events, he has designed and delivered Cyber Defenders- a training package specifically aimed at SMEs and of a non-technical audience, in order to develop that human firewall within your organisation.  He can deliver tailored awareness sessions based on the national messages as well as workshops, to reduce those vulnerabilities within your network.

Liam Carter

Cyber Protect Officer, North Yorkshire Police

Liam has been a Police Officer with North Yorkshire Police since March 2014.

He has had numerous roles whilst in the force, joining their Cybercrime Unit in 

December 2019

As well as being the forces dedicated Cybercrime Protect Officer, he is also 

the Cybercrime Protect Officer.  This lets Liam works with young people with cyber skills who could have the potential to use their skills positively.

Liam works with communities, businesses and individuals to provide reassurance and advice around cyber

security. He has completed both the Foundation and Networking and Computing Ethical Hackers courses, and has plenty more to come.

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