Internet Investigation

Just how dangerous is your online footprint? Using minimal information we can employ the same techniques and tools used by hackers to help you discover what information you expose online. Our internet investigations offer an in depth report containing all publicly available information on either you, individuals in your company, or your company itself.

Individual Internet Investigation

Similar to the corporate internet investigation, this simulated reconnaissance exercise focuses on an individual or individuals within your organisations. Best suited for high value targets, like CEOs or CFOs (those who could be of most interest to a malicious attack) . We investigate all aspects of their internet profile and produce attack methodologies based on this. This simulates what an attacker would do when trying to compromise an individual.

We will report our findings, how we would weaponise the information to conduct a cyber- attack against the individual and recommendations to take to help mitigate the attack vectors we have identified and reduce the attack surface.

This exercise also will encourage you to consider what key information sits with which individuals in the your company and how we can work together to ensure that there is good back up and resilience there in the event that anything should go wrong.

Some companies find this very useful when it comes to assessing risk and insurance levels.

Corporate Internet Investigation

This service uses internet investigation tools and techniques to harvest data on your organisation - in other words, what is being said about your company on the internet.

The aim is to discover how much information a potential attacker can gather about your organisation. This includes checking to see if any confidential information or data can be found publicly.

A real-world attacker conducts this stage, known as reconnaissance. This is a crucial stage in any cyber-attack. Preparation is key and the more information attackers can gleam from the internet without directly targeting your organisation’s system(s) the better chance they have at successfully breaching your system(s).

During this stage of testing there will be no direct contact with your systems and there will be no direct signs this is happening. The investigation will look past customer review sites as well as employee forums.

If you would like to book an Internet Investigation or would just like to find out more, please contact us

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