3 things you can do to protect your small business from cyber criminals today

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

The Christmas countdown is on! While you may be hurtling towards December deadlines or rushing to get your Christmas orders out, there are a few simple actions you should take today.

It’ll be worth it to help prevent cyber security issues from rocking your business at this crucial time.

1. Change your passwords

When things get hectic, it’s understandable that you will look for the simplest password possible to help save remembering something else. But don’t forget, cyber criminals can benefit from it being easy to guess too. If you’re using “12345”, “pass”, “login” or “passw0rd”, it’s time to switch to three random words. Think “coffeetrainfish” or “walltinshirt”. For further information visit www.nebrcentre.co.uk

2. Update your laptop and phone

If you’ve been dismissing those reminders to update your operating system, why not get those done today? Either adjust your settings so your apps update automatically or set your manual update in motion – you can do it while you’re grabbing your lunch or having a cuppa. Software updates are critical because they patch up weaknesses in your device.

3. Back up your most important data

If you’ve got records of Christmas orders or you’ve built a customer database that you’re going to be reaching out to in the new year, can you be sure that they would be safe if you experienced a cyber attack? The NCSC recommend keeping your backup separate from your computer either in the cloud or in a different physical location. In the worst-case scenario, criminals can take your device hostage so you can’t access your information. Having a backup would mean that you could still get what you need to done. Further information can be found at: www.ncsc.gov.uk/collection/small-business-guide/backing-your-data

If you’re a small business in Leeds City Region, you can make your cyber security stronger with FREE support when you sign up to our scheme.

Further information at: Free Cyber Support Leeds | NEBRC (nebrcentre.co.uk)

Protect your Christmas profits by taking two minutes to email enquiries@nebrcentre.co.uk.