A spotlight on Retail

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

With such a global focus on cyber crime, online scams and faceless hackers targeting businesses it’s easy to overlook the other types of crime that are still happening on our doorstep. Retailers Against Crime (RAC) is a national, not for profit, partnership which helps to detect and deter crime by sharing information on local and travelling offenders to its members. Its services aim to protect member profits and maintain a safe environment for retail staff and customers. The organisation’s specialised staff work to analyse offenders, identify their methods, their associates and locations targeted. This enables the RAC to forewarn members who can then detect and deter crime before it happens. The RAC identifies over 30% of previously unknown suspects, often resulting in prosecution. As part of its national awareness, it produces a monthly map of incidents reported. The latest report for August showed that Glasgow and Manchester were activity hot spots last month with alcohol, groceries and clothing the most favoured items of theft. Other items in the Top Ten most targeted included electrical goods, cosmetics and toiletries. In total, 738 incidents were reported and profiles of 438 unknown suspected circulated among RAC members, of which 52 were identified. In total 192 Alerts were fed across the network.

The NEBRC supports initiatives such as the RAC as an important part of the UK’s national retail crime prevention and detection strategy. We also produce a Retail Handbook relating to fraud. To request your copy and / or for further information relating to support against crime within retail contact us at: enquiries@nebrcentre.co.uk