An affordable way of testing your business’ app’s cyber security

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

How our student services helped Bricksave

The NEBRC was recently approached by a local business, Bricksave, for support in ensuring that their new property investment app was resilient enough for trading - without breaking the bank.

This was a prime opportunity to engage our student Ethical Hackers from leading UK universities.

While vulnerability assessments are available in the private sector, NERBC is able to offer a reasonably priced alternative which carries the rigour needed to make sure your app is safe. To make this happen we call on our network of highly skilled Cyber Security students who are part of the Cyber Talent Pipeline. Their work is then overseen by some of the UK’s most senior technical specialists who have extensive experience working with clients.

Supporting Bricksave were Joe, a final year student at Northumbria University, and Mackenzie, a second-year student at Sheffield Hallam. Working together daily, they completed the OWASP top 10: testing criteria designed to establish websites’ vulnerabilities which may be open to attack from cyber criminals.

Commenting on the work carried out, David from Bricksave said: “With the launch of our new property investment platform, we approached NEBRC for assistance with securing our data. The team were more than happy to help, and they kept us fully informed throughout the entire process.

“Upon completion, they provided us with a full in-depth report that covered all aspects of the work carried out. We are very happy with the results and would highly recommend their services.”

As well as protecting their business from cyber attacks, Bricksave has helped up and coming cyber security professionals in the region to gain valuable work experience: “It was a massive learning opportunity” said Mackenzie.

“Within four days I learned a huge amount, even compared with what I was learning in my second year of university.”

Joe agreed,

“I used to be a web developer, so I was more familiar with web app testing, but applying it to a real-life situation really solidified that expertise. I’d never written a client report before, so that was a good learning experience to be able to get a point across precisely to clients.”

Our Head of Student Services at NEBRC, Martin Wilson has pride in the future of the programme:

“We continue the training for the students year-round, making sure they’re trained in all services that the centre offers as well as client relationships management. The students are also supervised by an experienced senior ethical hacker, who has lots of experience in conducting testing for businesses, meaning there is a lot of experience and expertise that sits behind our student services”. “We’re helping students become familiar with topics that are important for small businesses, like passwords, webinars and backing up data, and how to tackle implementing these whilst under the pressure of running a small business.”

All our students are paid for their work, supporting students at a time when earning during learning is becoming increasingly challenging as the hospitality sector remains, on the whole largely closed.

To find out more about how we can help you test your business’ app or website to help guard against cyber attack, please visit our student services page at