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Updated: Mar 2

We’re here to help you make thousands of pounds of potential savings from cyber crime losses

  • 21 billion pounds: the estimated cost of cyber crime to UK businesses per year*

  • 1.8 billion pounds: the estimated cost of IP theft to the UK healthcare, pharmaceutical and bio- technology industry*

  • 4.3 million pounds: the worst case estimate of the cost of customer data loss to small UK businesses per year*

  • 46%: the percentage of businesses that have reported a cyber breach or attack in the last 12 months*

  • 65,000: the average number of attacks on businesses per day during the pandemic**

  • £3,230: the average cost to businesses because of cyber security breaches*

The potential cost of an online criminal attack on your business could run to tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of pounds, and the reality is, the likelihood of it happening is growing in line with cyber criminal activity.

As well as the financial losses, online criminal attacks can significantly damage a company’s reputation and have a knock-on effect in deterring investors, customers and partners.

But how much does it cost to protect your business from financial and reputational damage? You might be surprised at the answer…

Our core membership at the NEBRC is absolutely free. This includes a fortnightly email update with tips on how to make your business more secure, and what scams you need to look out for. You’ll also receive exclusive access to our resource hub with helpful how-to guides to strengthen your resilience. Plus, NEBRC membership will give you access to your local police protect officer.

The NEBRC was set up to support and protect businesses in our region from cyber crime.

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Our National Partner Redstor estimates the cost of downtime due to ransomware attacks to be £4,300 per minute. In comparison, our Business Essentials membership could be yours for just £1.28 per day. You can access all of our free resources to build your and your team’s awareness of how to secure your business, plus you’ll receive one of our valuable bolt on services.

For less than the price of your daily coffee to go you can select:

  • A half day staff awareness session to educate your team as a first line of defence.

  • If they received a scam email, would they know how to spot it?

  • A quarterly briefing from our regional police colleagues.

  • You’ll get insider knowledge on the crimes faced by businesses like yours and guidance on how to protect yourself.

  • A cyber health check of your business by our team of police and security professionals.

  • We’ll identify your organisation’s vulnerabilities and provide recommendations for how to cover yourself.

  • A feature in our email newsletter.

  • A fantastic opportunity to demonstrate your business’ diligence to security best practice and raise awareness amongst hundreds of members in the North East.

  • 10% discount on all cyber services.

  • When you need support with back-ups, VPNs or any other element of securing your computer systems, our professional partners can help you for less.

And in addition to these security actions, you’ll be able to feature our logo on your website and be listed as a member on ours. Both of which can win you custom from discerning consumers who will only hand over their cash to secure businesses.

You can become a Business Enhanced member of the NEBRC for £4.11 per day- less than your takeaway lunch- and choose from additional bolt-on services per month.

The Business Premium membership costs under £10 / day and has been set up for larger companies offering a range of services to support cyber protection and cyber security.

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* The Cost of Cyber Crime: The Cabinet Office and Detica


**Our National Partner, Redstor