Back-to-basics cyber security advice for Get Safe Online Week

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

This week marks Get Safe Online Week, an initiative run by the police and regulating bodies to help us all get back to basics when it comes to cyber security.

This year, we have used the internet more than ever while working from home and streaming activities that we would usually attend in person. Unfortunately, this has given cyber criminals more opportunities to carry out cybercrimes.

To make sure we can all keep working and stay in touch with our loved ones safely, we need to make sure we have good habits online.

Get Safe Online Week recommends choosing different passwords for every online account including a combination of numbers, symbols and upper and lower case characters. This means that even if one account got hacked, the others would hopefully be protected.

When we’re busy working, it’s often tempting to delay doing updates on our computer and mobile phone. Get Safe Online Week suggests keeping on top of these to prevent malware being downloaded on your device.

Another good practice is to always consider that people who contact you online might not be who they claim to be. Whether it’s online dating apps or customer service features, take a moment to think about how trustworthy the individual is, and don’t give out personal data unless you’re absolutely sure.

On Thursday 15th October, you may want to join in with Get Safe Online Global24. This is a world-wide initiative where online awareness activities will be taking place in over 24 countries in 24 hours. See how you can get involved at

At 11am on 15th October, the Get Safe Online team will be partnering with the City of London Police, the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office and Microsoft to discuss the importance of staying safe online. The Zoom sign up page can be found here:

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