Beware of fake productivity apps which could give criminals access to your work phone

The new normal has seen us all rethink work processes, systems and communication method. But if you’re looking for fresh ways to boost your productivity, be wary of downloading dodgy apps.

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has cautioned against clicking on links in emails which urge you to download productivity apps. They could actually be a way for criminals to access your phone or computer and steal your data.

This kind of attack is called phishing. Criminals send out mass emails hoping that someone who receives it will take the bait and click the link. Once clicked, criminals can have you download malicious software called malware, which could compromise your device. Read our glossary definition at to understand it, and therefore avoid falling victim to it.

If you do accidentally click on a link that you think you shouldn’t have, don’t just continue your work as normal. The NCSC shared findings from a recent report that a third of people still view their work email and access folders in the cloud after being attacked. This gives criminals even more opportunity to steal from you.

If you think you’ve been targeted, report it to Action Fraud. Call 0300 123 2040 at any time of the day or night, or visit their website:

Productivity apps can be very helpful, but only if they keep your computer safe. Make sure you only download from trustworthy sources such as the Apple Appstore or Google Play.

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The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) are working together to support the establishment of Regional Cyber Resilience Centres (CRCs). The CRCs represent a significant opportunity for the NCSC to expand the reach of its guidance and services to smaller organisations across the country, and provide an extra level of practical support to enhance their impact. The NCSC is currently assisting the NPCC in determining the suite of cyber security services that the CRCs will be able to offer.