British Airways Data Breach

British Airways (BA) has settled a legal claim following a data breach in 2018, affecting both customers and British Airway staff.

This is the largest group-action personal-data claim in UK history; with more than 420,000 affected, resulting in a £20 million fine for BA.

According to a Eurocontrol report, there has been a significant increase in cyber attacks against various segments of the aviation industry over the last year. The increasing number of cyber attacks within the aviation industry are posing a great threat which can see passenger information being accessed, flight information being leaked, and operational data falling into the wrong hands.

It was recently announced that the largest airport group, Manchester Airport Group (MAG), has chosen independent cyber security services company, Bridewell, as its security partner to increase security event visibility by 1,500%.

The partnership has seen the airport revolutionise its visibility and protection against cyber attacks, through the development of a more modern and agile security operations centre.

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