Call to uninstall Adobe Flash Player as security support ends

The popular plugin which has been used for videos and games since 1996 is no longer being supported, which could make it vulnerable to cyber crime.

Developer Adobe has urged users to remove it from their devices as no further updates will be available. The programme will stop working entirely from 12th January.

To keep your work or personal computer safe, Adobe recommends following downloading an uninstaller, exiting all browsers which were using flash, running the uninstaller, and verifying that the installation is complete. They give guidance on how to do this on their website at:

When we keep software that is not up to date on our phones and laptops, we give cyber criminals an easier way to take advantage. The updates which you find in your app store often contain security patches to cover weaknesses that hackers could exploit.

If your software is still supported by its developer, you can often turn on automatic updates so that you are protected without having to manually download new versions. You can find out more in our cyber security guides at:

In the case of Flash, even automatic updates will not be helpful because no more security patches will be available. It’s therefore best to remove it entirely from your devices.

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