Three things to do today to make your business safer from online criminals

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Taking just a few minutes out of your day today to ensure that your accounts are secure will help make you and your business less of a target to online hackers.

1. Turn on two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication helps to prevent hackers from accessing your accounts, even if they have your password. By turning this on, you are protecting your accounts with an extra level of security, reducing the chances of hackers getting access to your personal or business data.

This process will simply ask you for more information to prove your identity, for example a code that is sent to your phone. You can find more information in our previous blog on protecting your social media accounts here.

2. Save your passwords in your browser

By allowing your web browser (such as Chrome, Safari or Edge) to remember your passwords, you can have the freedom to create more complex passwords that are different for all your accounts, without the worry that you will forget them.

This is much safer than using weak passwords, or repeating passwords for multiple accounts, that often mean your data is more vulnerable to hacking. Learn more about the types of passwords you should (and shouldn’t) be using here.

3. Review your privacy settings

Cyber criminals often use personal information they find online in order to make scam emails and texts (also known as phishing) more convincing. This information is often found on social media, and so it is always worth checking your privacy settings to ensure that your privacy is protected.

To help ensure that your employees understand the impact of what they do and say online, visit the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure's (CPNI) Digital Footprint Campaign

If you’ve found these tips helpful, take a look at our blog page for further, quick and no-cost actions to tick off.