Cyber-attack on Glasgow Caledonian University

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Earlier this month, the Glasgow Caledonian University suffered a cyber-attack causing phone lines and online systems to temporarily shut down.

The attack has been managed by the University working with the Scottish Governments’ Cyber Resilience Unit, as well as the National Cyber Security Centre.

Chief Operating Officer at Glasgow Caledonian University, Susan Mitchell, said: “There is no evidence that data has been compromised. This year’s exams and assessment period has concluded so it is considered there will be minimal impact on our students”.

The story follows on from last month’s incident at Portsmouth University, which saw the institution pull their IT systems offline following a cyber-attack.

The NCSC has recently reported a significant rise in the volume of cyber-attacks, specifically targeting the education sector, with the influx leading the DfE to announce the launch of a cyber-security advice tool, set to be introduced next year.

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