Cyber security a priority for students

Recent research from Check Point Software Technologies Ltd has highlighted that students are at a higher risk of cyber crime when they return to university, as a result of accessing their online education via numerous networks from public libraries, coffee shops and more…

Indeed, using a wide range of networks creates a higher chance of cyber security risks including bank fraud, credentials theft, ID theft or social media account takeover.

If accessing networks outside of your home or office use a Virtual Private Network (VPNs). This will hide your device’s IP address – a piece of key information that hackers need to identify and access your device.

Always think before you click on a link; follow our password guidance; do not download content from unknown senders and ensure the websites that you are accessing are legitimate.

The UK’s education sector has seen a significant rise in cyber crime during the pandemic, which serves as a reminder to all students and staff of the importance of cyber protection to help prevent an attack.

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