Cyber security for personal devices when working and studying from home

With many of us back to working from home as Covid-restrictions are re-introduced, a significant number of people are using their own devices which are likely to pose more security risks than their usual office equipment. Unlike corporate devices which are usually protected by secure connections and antivirus precautions, personal phones and laptops may be under-prepared for cyber-attacks. And according to recent research from Trend Micro, over a third of people use their personal phone, laptop or tablet to see information from work. If your teams are having to do this it is worth putting systems in place to protect your sensitive data from hackers. The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) recommends educating everyone within an organisation on their dangers of email scams so they know to avoid suspicious links or messages in the first instance. Further guidance on home working can be found here: Organisations may also consider a fully patched VPN (virtual private network) for users to safely access their files and emails. Again, further information on this can be found at: In all cases, be vigilant and set an example for your staff to stay on top of security updates and be savvy with how they access information online. For further information on how the NEBRC can support your team when working from home visit our website FREE MEMBERSHIP section, or speak to a member of our team TODAY.