Cyber security for the UK’s defence sector

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) is currently working to identify and accelerate next generation hardware and software technologies to reduce the vulnerabilities within current and future computer networks and systems, focusing particularly on operational technologies.

‘Virtual warfare’ is an increasing concern between government agencies and cyber criminals, as both battle to stay one step ahead in the technology security stakes. In a bid to combat this situation, the MOD has put out a national call to find the best and brightest minds to come up with the next generation of cyber security for the UK’s defence sector.

The Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) is launching a new Innovation Focus Area (IFA) called Reducing the Cyber Attack Surface, which aims to develop technology that reduces the opportunity for cyber-attacks on Ministry of Defence (MOD) systems and platforms.

This IFA is being run on behalf of Defence Science and Technology laboratory (DSTL) and Defence Science and Technology (DST) and seeks proposals that enable greater confidence and a level of assurance in military systems against cyber-enabled attack.

Being able to accelerate next generation hardware and software technologies to phase out the cyber vulnerabilities within current defence computer networks is vital in order to reduce exposure to attack.

Further details can be found here in the competition document

DASA expects to fund proposals within Technical Readiness Level 4 – 7 (TRLs) up to £300K for a 9-month contract.