Cyber security within education

As education institutions return to the new normal it is important to update cyber security measures to protect students in the current environment.

Given that some teaching will now continue online - and that education networks contain personal information about students, alumni, and employees - the sector has become a prime target to cyber criminals.

So, what can be done?

In a recent article in Security News Desk Back to school security - Security News Desk UK the following five key security considerations were highlighted:

· Layered defences – be mindful that no singular security product can defend against every type of attack.

· Access privilege – No person, machine, or system should have access to data they do not strictly need.

· Updates – applying updates and patches for software is a key step to minimising vulnerabilities.

· Passwords are not enough – consider two-factor authentication i.e. fingerprints or one-time pass codes.

· Clean break – when employees and/or students move on, ensure that their credentials are adjusted accordingly and access to systems are terminated.

Educating teams about cyber security is a fundamental to any cyber security strategy. Providing frequent security training both virtually and in person will help to instil a greater awareness among your workforces.

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