Updated: Jan 25

APRIL 2020

Dynamo, the not-for-profit organisation which is focussed on growing the North East’s Enterprise IT has announced the first programme of events for this year’s #CyberFest, set to take place between 8th – 29th September across a host of venues in the North East region.

#CyberFest 2020 will offer a range of events and subjects, to include a wider understanding and the lessons learnt from Covid-19 related cybercrime.

The planned events, which will be hosted by industry specialists to include NEBRC, will be aimed at businesses, cyber security providers, students and the general public.

This will be the NEBRC’s debut at the festival, the team is proud to be supporting the event which is being organised by Phil Jackman who is a NEBRC Board Member and Director at Dynamo North East and Guerrilla Working Ltd.

The events planned so far include:

Sunderland University

Date: 8 September

Theme: Joint Sunderland University and IoC. One day mix of practical and presentations around cybersecurity. Aimed at: Students and people who would like to progress within the cyber industry.

Port of Tyne

Date: 10 September Theme: Addressing cybersecurity in marine, offshore and logistics. Aimed at: Academics, data scientists, logistics experts and distribution companies.


Date: 13-15 September.

Theme: BSides Newcastle is to help build the community of InfoSec in the North East. Aimed at: The technical community.

Fraud Forum

Date: 17 September

Theme: Joint Fraud forum, NEBRC and Northumbria University. Two thirds of fraud involve cybercrime. Lessons from Covid-19, getting ready for the next one. Aimed at: Businesses, crime professionals, data analysts.

Teesside Business

Date: 21 September Theme: Joint with Teesside University and Teesside Business Club. Practical steps to securing your business. Aimed at: Teesside businesses.

Newcastle College

Date: 22 September Theme: Interested in a career in cybersecurity? Aimed at: Students and those who are interested in starting a career in the cyber industry.


Date: 24 September Theme: Joint Business Northumberland, Dynamo event. Staying safe from cybercrime in tourism. Aimed at: Businesses who work within the tourism sector.

Social Tech

Date: 28 September Theme: Joint VONNE, NIBE event. Getting the balance right between cyber bad and social good. Aimed at: Voluntary and CIC.


Date: 29 September, evening event. Theme: Joint Breeze Creatives, ISC2, OWASP. Bringing creativity to cybersecurity. Aimed at: Technical and creative communities.

#CyberFest is currently looking for additional speakers and sponsors for the events. For more information get in touch with Dynamo via or visit the website:

Dates may change in response to the latest advice on Covid-19. Timings of specific events and venues will be confirmed later.