Is your business cyber secure?

A recent poll of UK businesses has revealed that almost half had experienced some form of a cyber breach or attempt during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the survey, which questioned 200 employers and 400 employees, 16 per cent of staff said they had personally had to deal with a cyber security incident during the same period.

While attacks were targeted at the vast number of people forced to work from home, the survey from SecureAge Technology, highlights the risks of employers not providing adequate levels of cyber security or the right kind of training. Indeed, less than 50% of employers that responded said they provided formal training in detecting and handling suspicious emails, password security and protecting sensitive information when working remotely.

A new wave of COVID-inspired cyber threats have been well reported in our previous blogs and the need for testing, planning, training and tools has never been greater.

While some attacks use a mass scatter gun approach to reach and then breach individual defences, the survey shows that business bosses can and should be doing more to minimise the threat. The survey also highlighted a worrying lack of trust in cyber security defences. Only around a third of employers and employees said that they were “very confident” that their cyber security infrastructure would protect them from a cyberattack.

However, more encouragingly, the survey showed that 66% of businesses are set to boost their investment in cyber security, with around half of these planning to increase budgets by up to 50%. Meanwhile, 86% of employers have already begun to adopt new security measures to cope with remote working.

While it is impossible to police every employee from inadvertently clicking on an errant email link, the more awareness and training that takes place, the less likely it is to happen.

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