Let our small business superheroes save you from the dangers of online crime

Over 45% of UK businesses have been hit by ransomware during the pandemic – with 65,000 attacks per day!

65% of SMEs were attacked by online criminals in 2019-2020!

When you consider that the cost of this in business downtime is equivalent to £4,300 per minute, it’s worth paying attention…

Could you afford to risk this much?

At the North East Business Resilience Centre (NEBRC), we unite the police, online security professionals and local universities to give you the best protection we can from cyber crime.

We’re here to save you from the eye-watering costs of downtime, ransoms and reputational damage.

Plus, we’re always on the lookout for scams, hoaxes and heists that could get your business into hot water.

We might not (quite yet) be superheroes, but believe us, we’re here to protect you.

Among our national partners is Redstor: a team of online security heroes specialising in backup and recovery. With more than 20 years of experience, they can help prevent data loss or leaks from cyber threats such as malware and other IT disasters.

Together with partners like Redstor, we can help you:

  • Transform your feeble passwords into reliable strongholds

  • Strengthen your logging in methods with two factor authentications

  • Fortify your most important data with robust and reliable back ups

  • Detect the weaknesses in your system which could let pesky criminals in

  • Win the unparalleled respect of government and public bodies with Cyber Essentials Certification

  • Earn the custom of savvy online shoppers who are looking for trustworthy padlock-protected sites

Whether you’re a high-street hairdresser or multi-million-pound bank, cyber criminals are lurking just around the corner.

But thankfully our near superhero team are here to take a little peril out of your day and save you from impending digital doom...

Everyone can take advantage of our FREE core membership at NEBRC. Access exclusive information on how to stay out of harm’s way online and have a contact in the cops. Sign up and secure yourself this safety net today!

Plus, if you’re in Leeds City Region, we have further funding available from your local enterprise partnership to keep your business in the clear. Please email enquiries@nebrcentre.co.uk to find out how our heroes can help you. You could save up to £5000!