Making your business safer from online criminals

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

A few simple changes can make a big difference to the cybersecurity of your business. So why not spend a few minutes today implementing the following…

1. Passwords – they shouldn’t contain the word ‘pass’!

Passwords should be easy for you to remember, yet difficult for everyone else to guess. Choose three random words to make up the bulk of your password, making it more difficult for cyber criminals to guess. The NCSC states that “numbers and symbols can still be used if needed” if you want to make your password even more secure.

Have you ever wondered what the most common passwords are? Have a look here and ensure you’re avoiding the obvious! most common passwords

2. Activate your firewall

Not only does activating a firewall sound really cool, but these security devices are absolutely vital in establishing a ‘buffer zone’ between your own network and external ones. Most default operating systems are automatically equipped with a firewall, so in the majority of cases it’s simply a case of turning it on!

3. Don’t delay data backups

It can feel like a drag having to set aside a designated time to back up your data, so why not schedule this to happen automatically? The majority of data storage solutions provide you with the option to set up routine backups. Taking just a minute out of your day to make sure that this automation feature is turned on will provide you with a peace of mind that your data is regularly being synced and secured.

For further information on cybersecurity for your business speak to one of the NEBRC team today

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) are working together to support the establishment of Regional Cyber Resilience Centres (CRCs). The CRCs represent a significant opportunity for the NCSC to expand the reach of its guidance and services to smaller organisations across the country, and provide an extra level of practical support to enhance their impact. The NCSC is currently assisting the NPCC in determining the suite of cyber security services that the CRCs will be able to offer.