Mental Health Awareness Week - and the emotional effects of cybercrime

The physical impacts of having your devices hacked are well known – you may lose your data, get locked out of your accounts, and have to reset your systems. Yet rarely do we consider the emotional impact that can accompany being a victim of cybercrime.

Experiencing cybercrime can leave an individual feeling ashamed, anxious, and embarrassed, with many victims feeling that they are to blame. Recently, we discussed the importance of instilling confidence in your employees when it comes to reporting cybercrimes, reassuring them that the blame is with the attacker and not the victim, and enabling you to identify areas of compromised security within your network.

To mark Mental Health Awareness Week last week, the team at NEBRC are working to raise awareness of the emotional difficulties which can accompany cybercrime, as well as showcasing the support we provide to prevent such attacks to begin with.

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