National Member: Redstor

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

NEBRC is proud to work alongside national members of the UK Cyber Resilience Centres to improve the support and protection for small businesses and the supplier chain, as well as developing a highly skilled talent pipeline within the UK.

National member Redstor is a cloud-first, data management SaaS vendor and service provider specialising in backup and recovery, DR, archiving, search, and insight. Trusted by more than 40,000 clients and 350 partners, Redstor use their proven, industry-leading technology to help clients discover, analyse, control, and protect critical data.

The Redstor team have created some narrative for businesses to help identify the five types of employees who may threaten their business, summarised below. A worthwhile read for all business managers! How many can you identify?

The hasty techie

Put simply, if an IT employee fails to test all changes, prior to them being released onto production systems, there are risks.

Solution: Make use of data management services that allow administrators to create isolated test and development environments from backups. By making these available over the network for software version testing, analytics, and patch tests, you can avoid bad software from being deployed in the first place.

The vengeful wrongdoer

It is a sad reality for us all. But many organisations can be too embarrassed to admit that relations with an individual have deteriorated to such an extent that they have become victims.

Solution: Minimise the potential negative impact of employees by limiting their access to only the data they need to do their jobs.

Choose a data management provider that has processes in place to avoid the immediate deletion of data and the capability to allow you to recover data quickly. You should also be looking for two-factor authentication to help protect and streamline user access. Ideally the encryption key should be set by you, so you can block unauthorised access.

The unwitting victim

We have all been there. But if a workforce is to know how to identify and avoid infections, the organisation will need to educate employees with relevant training.

Solution: It is almost impossible to provide 100% effective defence against a determined ransomware attack. The best way to guarantee recovery from an issue such as ransomware is by having robust, automated, isolated, offsite data protection in place.

It's critical that your backups are not permanently on the same network as your live data. If you use the cloud, ensure that your chosen service encrypts data before it leaves your devices - and that it remains encrypted at all times, in transit and in storage.

Make sure you own the encryption key and are not required to share it at any time. That way any malware entering your network will not be able to execute on the cloud platform. It also means that only your organisation can decrypt your data

The data hoarder

We all know, if not one ourselves. But keeping data can be expensive, especially if employees literally save every item of data, email, file, doc, or PowerPoint presentation that passes their way – just in case they ever need it again.

Solution: Extend the life of your expensive hardware assets and delay purchasing more primary storage to cope with data growth by offloading redundant, obsolete, or trivial data to the cloud when it meets specified criteria.

When choosing a fully automated, centrally managed archiving process that minimises management overheads, you should also ensure that you eliminate any delays in access to archived data.

The technology now exists to access archived data files instantly on demand from the cloud – and if the user experience remains unchanged so much the better because there will be no need for end-user training.

The overstretched worker

Who hasn’t inadvertently deleted, or mis placed a file? But recovering lost files can be among the most common and time-consuming tasks to plague an IT department.

Solution: Make downtime a thing of the past. You should be able to restore data quickly and easily to its original location or a new location of choice - as often as required, at no additional charge. There should be no need to wait for all your data to be restored before users can start accessing the files they need. The technology exists to get you up and running without waiting for a full recovery, so employees are working again within seconds, not days.

So, is it time to re-evaluate your data protection and business continuity strategy?

Redstor is available worldwide through a network of resellers.

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