NEBRC launches CUPS

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

NEBRC launches CUPS: an initiative to support people working from home

The North East Business Resilience Centre has launched a campaign to help people to remember four core areas when working away from their normal places of work.

C – ommunication

When working remotely it is important to stay connected by using apps such as WhatsApp and via traditional phone calls. This will help to create reassurance among colleagues and teams. Be contactable for each other.

U – pdates

Updates will keep you protected as they will review the way the software previously ran and improve /change it to respond to any possible flaws.

You must keep software up to date, be this apps on your phone, your browser on your laptop or anti-virus software you have installed.

P – asswords

You wouldn’t use the same key for your house your car and the office… so don’t do the same online. Using the same password makes you more vulnerable to being hacked. Use a Password Manager to help you remember the different ones. There are various ones you can use, some are in built and some you pay a bit for.

S – cams

If you receive a text or email that seems out of the ordinary, always challenge it. It is very unlikely that your bank, the police, the Government or HRMC will ask you to enter your bank details into a link. If you are unsure, the best thing is to do nothing. If the message is legitimate, the company contacting you will understand your concerns. Any urgency is likely to come from a non-legitimate one.