New fraud prevention certification to boost banking, insurance and financial businesses

A new Counter Fraud Fundamentals certification is available from IASME Consortium to help those in the banking, insurance and financial industries protect themselves against fraud and reassure their customers.

Did you know that British businesses lose billions of pounds to online fraud every year?

The Counter Fraud Fundamentals Scheme will help businesses identify actions to reduce the chances of criminal damage; attract new business and win the trust of clients.

IASME has worked together with the Open Banking Implementation Entity (OBIE) to produce a self-assessment questionnaire within a secure web portal.

Once businesses have answered a few questions about their fraud prevention processes, their answers are reviewed by a licensed external assessor. After approval, they will be listed on the Counter Fraud Fundamentals online directory and can display the certification on their own communications.

This is a valuable opportunity to show that your organisation takes proactive steps to avoid criminal damage. Indeed, it could be the difference between a business in your supply chain choosing to work with you or not.

At the NEBRC, we’re here to help you take the steps you need to receive the certification. Perhaps you’re not sure where to start when it comes to tackling fraud? Maybe you need help refining your process once you’ve received feedback after submitting your questionnaire? For help and information please email us at