Police launch free “virtual CCTV camera” to protect small businesses from online criminal attacks

If you run a shop or have an office, you’ll know that CCTV is vital for spotting any criminal activity and keeping a record should anyone try to break in.

But what about the files and data on your computers? Like physical premises, there’s an unfortunate possibility that criminals could get in where they’re not wanted.

Police CyberAlarm works like a CCTV camera, looking out for anyone up to no good. It monitors the traffic coming through your business’ internet connection and reports back to you on where you need protection.

Just like a normal CCTV camera might show you where you need to replace a lock or who you need to report to the police, the CyberAlarm will help you deal with online threats to your business.

As long as you use the internet on your work devices and have a firewall, you can use the CyberAlarm to keep your business safe.

For further information visit cyberalarm.police.uk/#join and become a member for free. You will then be guided on how to install a safe CyberAlarm Virtual Server on your system.

Once the CyberAlarm is set up, you’ll receive a report giving you important details like which IP addresses are most at risk. If you need help interpreting this, we’re on hand to help at the NEBRC.

The CyberAlarm does not interfere with your network operations and it doesn’t view the data that you’re sending and receiving.

The truth is, no business is too small to be targeted by hackers. If you use the internet, criminals will already be scanning for any weaknesses that they can exploit. This free tool from the police will give you a vital layer of protection. It will also give the police information to protect you and others in your area from attacks.

To find out more, visit https://cyberalarm.police.uk.