Protecting IT's #newnormal with National Member Arcserve

Updated: Jan 25

"#newnormal: With nearly 50% of employed adults in the UK working from home and a high majority apprehensive of returning to a shared workplace anytime soon, as a result of COVID-19,  it’s undoubtable that the post-pandemic workplace will become a hybrid work environment.

The proliferation of remote working, the uncertainty and personal constraints of employees are forcing the transition to new hybrid models that are very likely to settle in permanently, and it is up to CIOs to ensure that the company's data is accessible, protected and secure to keep employees productive wherever they are and to ensure business continuity no matter what. "

On the 8th of September, our very own Steve Leach, Head of Cyber and Innovation, collaborated with National Member of the NEBRC, Arcserve, to discuss the post COVID-19 "new normal", the UK IT landscape and prospectively imagine affordable, agile and sustainable IT strategies.

To view the recording please visit this link: