Spotlight on retail

The UK Retailers Against Crime group has released its October figures on crime reported by its members. The statistics include incidents reported as well as unknown suspects that have been circulated and identified, alongside the Top 10 items being targeted.

Worryingly incidents reported have increased by more 20% with the actual value stolen rising by 40%. More encouragingly however the amount of goods recovered has improved, from 30 per cent in September to almost 45 per cent in October. Groceries, alcohol and clothing are still the most targeted items but there has also been a marked increase in the theft of ink cartridges.

In October, RAC has sent out 213 alerts to its members as part of its ongoing campaign of increasing vigilance and support crime prevention and detection.

The message is to remain vigilant!

If you work within the retail sector and would like some specific support for your business regarding the prevention of cyber crime and fraud, please contact the NEBRC team today at: