Three things the construction industry must consider

The construction industry is particularly vulnerable to ransomware attacks, according to Safety Detective. And while there is no sure-fire way of completely preventing cyber attack, there are steps that organisations can take to help reduce risk. Below are three steps you can take today:

Raise cybersecurity awareness

Ensuring that staff understand and are aware of what to look out for is an important way to minimise the risk and impact of a cyber attack.

Three random words

Using three random words in line with guidance from the NCSC, rather than just a password, is much harder for an attacker to crack. This approach can help prevent hackers from gaining access to employees’ and customers’ personal information.

Create a plan of action

The speed at which your organisation reacts to a cyber attack is key in minimising its subsequent effects. Ensure your organisation has a plan of action with the right strategy and protocols in place.

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