Three things the retail sector can do today to help ensure good cyber security

Like any sector involved in the purchase and selling of goods, alongside an increasing move online, retailers and related supply chains are likely to hold sensitive, personally identifiable information which leaves them open to cyber attack and ransomware.

By following just a few simple steps, you can immediately improve cyber security at little or no cost:


One of the most common avenues for cyber criminals is to target unsuspecting employees. By training employees on how to identify and report these attempts you can help to prevent an actual attack in your business.

Protect and prioritise

Make sure to understand what it is you want and need to protect. Knowing this means that your IT department - and any third-party monitoring your systems - are aware precisely of what data they are protecting.

Prepare for an incident

This applies for online as much as instore. It is important to have an incident response plan prepared, alongside a well-defined Service Level Agreement (SLA) with a cyber security provider. It is also worth considering cyber security insurance, in the same way you would need property insurance.

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