Three things to consider when educating your staff about cyber security

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Creating a culture of awareness and education about cyber security is an essential element in preventing an attack. With this in mind, here are three things to consider when training your staff:

· Simulate cyber attacks

attacks directed at businesses usually take the form of phishing attacks. By simulating such an attack, you can gauge the level of threat by identifying who fell for the scam and what training needs to be done as a result. Speak to our team for further information on this.

· Update your teams about new threats

communication is key! A carefree attitude often results in accidents at work, and this applies to cyber security too. Keep on top of what threats are emerging and ensure your teams are prepared. Sign up to the NEBRC newsletter today!

· Revise policies and stay up to date on password management

Ensure there are specific rules regarding email, browsing and mobile device practice, in particular. There should be clear consequences for misuse. Passwords are the same, staff should be aware of how to create and store passwords.

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