Three things to help keep your smart devices safe from online criminals

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Research has suggested that millions of our smart devices are vulnerable to hacking, plus smart device hacks are on the up since the Covid-19 pandemic started. With so many of us dependent on smart devices for work as well as play, spend some time today to help ensure you’re protected from criminals:

1) Getting a new smart device

before you buy, check the reviews of the product, as well as the manufacturer. And once you have your new device don’t forget to refer to the manufacturers manual or website when setting it up. Finally, if the device comes with a password that looks easily guessable or no password at all, change it!

2) Keep your devices updated

not only does installing new software ensure your device is running at its full potential it also helps to keep it secure from external threats. If you can, make sure to turn on automatic updates. Then always install any manual updates when prompted.

3) Something has gone wrong

if something does go wrong with your device, or you become aware of an incident that may affect your device, visit the manufacturer’s website to see if there is further information on what to do. For more information on what to do and how to get support with cyber security visit