Three things to protect your business from online criminals today

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

1. Set up two factor authentication on Instagram

If you use Instagram for your business or for personal use on a work device, it’s vital that you take a minute to add this extra layer of security. This week, we’ve shared how the Miss England Instagram profile was attacked by criminals and held for ransom. By switching on 2FA, you can prevent hackers from accessing your account.

2. Find out what software patches are

Did you know that when a piece of software is attacked by a virus, the security professionals behind it release a patch to protect users from suffering the same fate? You need to download and install these (or have them update automatically) to keep your business safe.

Watch this animation from our friends at Cyber Essentials to understand how it works.

3. Recommend a business buddy to NEBRC

The more people who take notice of cyber security, the safer we will all be from online criminals. For example, if a fellow local business spots a phishing attempt and reports it to the police, there’s less chance that you get caught out yourself. If you have a local business network or neighbouring shop, let them know about free core NEBRC membership LINK

Remember, our team of security experts including the police and cyber professionals are here to help you stay out of harm’s way. Please reach out to us at