Three things you can do to move your business from physical to digital while remaining cyber secure

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Many businesses are moving more online following the Covid-19 restrictions. The following steps can support your journey to creating a cyber secure online presence:

· Talk to your IT service providers

make sure to focus on, patching and updates, backups, data access, logs, and incident response. Ask them to explain their policy on each of these and ensure it aligns to your business needs.

· Ensure you are aware of any regulations you must follow

if your business is processing personally identifiable information online, you will need to read up on GDPR. Similarly, if you are processing card payment information, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard will apply. You need to be clear on the legal and regulatory responsibilities between you and your IT providers.

· Personal IT assets

consider what IT assets do you own, operate, and manage yourself. You must be aware of who is using what and where. Otherwise, it is difficult to secure technology if you cannot identify who is responsible.

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