Three things you can do to protect bulk data

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Whether you’re a part of a public service or a private enterprise, the likelihood is that your organisation will store bulk data. But be aware, these little pockets of data, that include sensitive or personal information, are a hot-spot breeding ground for cyber criminals.

Here’s how you can help to protect large quantities of potentially sensitive data…

1. Know your data:

store data in an organised and catalogued manner. If you don’t know what is stored, how can you know what is compromised?

2. Only keep essential data:

any data that is no longer needed should be removed. In the case of a breach, this means there would be a much smaller pool of information affected.

3. Understand your vulnerabilities:

actively managing your vulnerabilities is a key step in discouraging cyber criminals. The NEBRC offers vulnerability assessment testing to help you identify areas of support. This service will scan and review your internal networks and systems looking for weaknesses such as poorly maintained or designed systems, insecure Wi-Fi networks, insecure access controls, or opportunities to access and steal sensitive data.

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