THREE things you can do to protect your business from cyber criminals today!

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

In the time it takes to boil the kettle, make a note of these quick and easy ways to reduce the risk of criminal damage to your computer – today.

1 Check who has access to your online accounts!

Remember a time that you gave a colleague access to your social media profile so they could upload a video for you? Or let an admin assistant who no longer works for you login to view the details of your insurance?

If you shared any kind of credentials with others, double check that only those who really need access can login.

If it’s no longer relevant for them, remove their user permissions or change the password.

The fewer people who have access to your systems and accounts, the better.

2 Move away from using USB sticks!

While the cloud might seem like an unnerving place to store your data, it’s actually pretty secure nowadays. It’s certainly safer than using old-fashioned pen drives which often carry viruses that could infect your computer. If you or your team pass your files around on USBs, it’s time to swap to a safer system.

We share many cyber security myths on our social media and fact-check them so you can rest easy knowing what you need to do to protect your devices. See more on Twitter @Nebrcentre or LinkedIn @North East Business Resilience Centre.

3 Uninstall Adobe Flash Player!

If you haven’t already heard, Adobe has stopped providing software updates for its Flash plugin which you’ve probably used to play video clips on your laptop. That means that it is now at risk of being targeted by criminals. Find out how to uninstall it in our previous blog post at:

We hope you’ve found this guidance helpful, but if you need any more clarification then please email