Three things you can do today to help protect your business from data breaches

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

For businesses across the globe, a data breach could be catastrophic. Below are three steps you can take today to help prevent this:

· The number one cause of data breaches are old, unpatched security vulnerabilities. Leaving security vulnerabilities unfixed for long periods of time gives hackers a free pass to access your company’s sensitive information. Ensuring that all programs are up to date is key in avoiding any vulnerabilities.

· Second, is human error. Human error accounts for 52% of the root cause for security breaches. This can range from the use of weak passwords, sending sensitive information to the wrong recipient, sharing account information to falling for phishing scams. Keeping staff up to date on cyber security training, in the long term, can save your organisation a lot of hassle.

· Taking third place is malware. Malware isn’t just a problem for personal devices, it is a growing threat to company systems. Hackers are now making tiny adjustments to existing malware programs to try and make them unrecognizable to antivirus programs. Keeping both your device and software up to date will help prevent malware attacks.

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