Three things you can do today to help stay safe against financial investment fraud

Investment fraud can come in many forms, but in the majority of cases cyber criminals attempt to convince a victim to invest in schemes or products that are either worthless or do not exist. Below are three ways you can help to protect yourself from the rising issue of financial investment fraud:

Do not make rushed decisions on investments

When deciding to invest you should not feel rushed. It is important to remember that legitimate organisations would never pressure you into investing on the spot.

Check that the company is FCA registered

You can use the Financial Conduct Authorities (FCA) register to ensure that the company is regulated by the FCA. If they aren’t regulated and things go wrong, you may not be covered by the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).

Follow the correct procedure if you think you have been scammed

Check your banking and credit regularly, if you suspect your identity has been stolen – let your bank know. Seek professional legal advice to understand your options moving forward.

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