Three things you can do today to prevent a whaling attack

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Whaling is a highly targeted phishing attack, often aimed at senior executives. Like a phishing attack it is masquerading a fraudulent message as a legitimate email, phone call or social media message. The aim is to execute digitally enabled fraud through social engineering, designed to encourage victims to perform a secondary action i.e., a wire transfer of funds.

So, as a senior executive, how can you prevent such an attack?

· Educate employees of all levels

many people have the view that phishing scams are easy to spot, which is why they may be unsuspecting of a whaling attack. Help your team learn how to spot the warning signs of a whaling attack.

· Whaling prevention protocols

an easy way to prevent an attack is to implement verification requests for sensitive information through other channels – for example two personnel to sign off for monetary requests.

· Data Loss Prevention (DLP) software

this software can block any violation to protocols you have put in place; it can also flag emails based on the name and age of the domain. Newer domains are much more suspect. It can also flag suspicious keywords like “wire transfer”.

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