Three things your business can do to help prevent insider threats

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Insider threats can include both current or former employees; contractors; business associates and other partners. Individuals who have - or had - access to inside information through networks, applications, and databases could unwittingly, or willingly, misuse this access.

Here are three ways you can help to prevent insider threats from affecting your business:

· Know your people

connecting and engaging with your team enables an organisation to achieve a high level of personnel assurance. Also, work to provide and promote cyber security training for all staff across the organisation, promoting a cyber-aware work culture.

· Strong deterrence strategies

ensure your organisation has good access controls; encrypted data and appropriate policies in place to help discourage insider threats.

· Threat detection

detecting what is happening in your cyber environment is essential in preventing insider attacks. Actively monitor employee activity to help ensure visibility into network threat-related activities.

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