Three things your non-profit can do today to stay cyber secure

Charities, like all businesses, are becoming increasingly reliant on IT and technology – but with this comes an increasing risk of cyber attack. If your organisation conducts e-commerce on its website, stores and transfers personally identifiable information or collects information on its patrons, it may be time to consider what steps you need to take to address cyber security risks. You can begin by taking into consideration the following:

· Conduct a risk assessment

make an inventory of the data your organisation collects and identify where it is stored. If you have information that you don’t really need, reducing or limiting this data could be a first step towards mitigating a risk.

· Is the stored data protected

certain types of data may be covered by legislation as to how it must be stored and how it must be destroyed. Ensure that you are up to date and following these rules - or you could receive a hefty fine.

· Consider the likelihood of an attack

what is the risk of a third party compromising your data? If you, like most, outsource IT, payroll service etc ensure that you are on top of their data security protection - as well as your own.

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