Three things your organisation can implement today to help avoid a malware attack

Malware is a malicious software that can cause harm to your devices, data, cryptocurrency and more. Indeed, at the beginning of 2021, Google’s data showed they were detecting around 600-800 malware-infected sites per week - with numbers showing no signs of slowing down. Here are some steps you can begin to take today to protect your data from this risk:

Make regular backups

Make sure to regularly back up your important files and data onto an offline backup.

Prevent malware from reaching devices

You can set filters to only receive file types you would expect; block known malicious websites and malicious code, and inspect content.

Prepare in case of an incident

Conduct an assessment into critical assets and what the impact would be if they were affected by a malware attack; exercise your incident management plan to help clarify everyone’s roles and responsibilities in case of an attack; and ensure all stakeholders are considered in an internal and external communications strategy.

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