Three ways of protecting your personal data

All businesses big or small should be taking steps to ensure that their data is protected. Here are three simple steps that you can follow to help guard against data breaches:

1. Set up two-factor authentication on all financial and email accounts

Your email and bank accounts probably already require this, when you log in from a new location or device, you must type in a code that has been texted to your phone.

Check your account settings to make sure this is enabled across all of your accounts.

2. Update your software regularly

This includes antivirus software, your operating system, and anything else you use.

Cyber threats change frequently, and many updates address security issues.

3. Be careful about opening email attachments or clicking links

You don't have to be an IT expert to protect your data. Just be cautious when communicating via emails and set up some simple security measures to protect yourself in the event of data being breached.

For further information about cyber security for your business or to discuss training needs for your team contact a member of the NEBRC team.