Three ways to protect your business from online criminals today

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

It’s well worth taking a couple of minutes out of your week to protect your business from criminal damage.

1. Back up your most important data

What is the one type of the data in your business that you really couldn’t do without? Maybe it’s your client database, your CRM records or your signed contracts? Perhaps you would be lost without your image library, your digital assets or your year-long planner?

If losing it would make or break your business, be sure to back it up. If you can, do this on a separate drive or computer so that if your main laptop was hacked, your files would be safe. The National Centre for Cyber Security (NCSC) have a backing up guide for you on their website. For more information visit:

2. Forward any suspicious text messages to 7726

We’re all aware of those messages that clog up your phone’s inbox asking you to click a link to track a parcel, claim a tax refund or log on to your account? It’s important to know that these are phishing attempts: they could put your business and others’ in danger. Forward them to 7726 for free and your provider will look into it. Read the details about this on our blog

3. Switch on your firewall

An essential layer of protection between the internet and your devices, firewalls help to stop criminals from accessing your things. Most operating systems now have these built in, so it’s probably just a case of switching yours on in your settings. If you need help with doing this, please email us at

If you’ve found these tips helpful, take a look at our blog page at for further, quick and no-cost actions to tick off.