Tips for shopping safely online with National Consumer Week

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

With non-essential shops still closed, are you ordering items online for your business? Online shopping is likely to become a regular procurement process in your organisation if it’s not already. But would you know what to do if something went wrong while shopping on the internet?

The Citizens Advice service have launched their #SafeShopper campaign for National Consumer Week. Their aim is to educate us all on what our rights are and how we can resolve things like a refund not being processed or an ordered item turning out to be fake.

You can view their advice page here:

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday taking place soon, this is a timely reminder to be vigilant with cyber security and also aware of the help that is available if there’s a problem.

We remind you to be mindful of which sites you place your orders with, choosing only trusted brands and website which display the padlock icon next to the URL. Avoid clicking on links in unexpected emails and take the stance that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Protect your organisation by staying alert when ordering online and cautious when making the most of deals on these special shopping days.

You can read our recent blog post with guidance for Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping here: How to shop safely this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.