UK reports £5.7m financial losses from cyber related crimes

A recent study conducted by Shield has shown that the UK reported a total of 14,883 instances of cyber crime, attacking both the public and businesses since the start of 2021.

The study from the click fraud experts indicates that malicious hacking; the fraudulent use of social media accounts; and phishing email scams are the most common form of cyber crime - accounting for 43% of all reported incidents since January 1st.

The study also highlights that reported cyber crime against corporate bodies since the start of the year accounted for nearly £2M in financial losses.

But the loss of money isn’t the only thing to worry about when it comes to a cyber crime. A cyber attack can also seriously damage your company’s reputation. Indeed, potential customers may avoid doing business with you, believing that your internal controls are weak, or that association with you will bring a threat upon their own cyber security.

It is clear that cyber crime is on the rise, with phishing emails and websites attacks having increased 750% since 2007. Be aware! Be vigilant! Act day!

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