Video conferencing services

Covid-19 restrictions have meant that many organisations have turned to home working to continue their operations, with video conferencing playing an important part. The following steps outline three ways you can help to protect your organisation when setting up and using these services:

Ø Choosing the right service – you want to ensure that the video calls themselves are protected. Using an existing conference service will allow a simpler integration, reduce training and deployment costs, and maintain compliance with regulated industries.

Ø Perform a security risk assessment – request copies of any independent assessments or audits. This should give you an understanding of how the provider implements security controls, where your data is held and what they can do with it.

Ø Configure user accounts – think carefully about which setting to enforce and which to set as a default. It is recommended to implement single sign-on where possible, and to integrate the video conferencing service with your existing corporate identity. This means that it will inherit the same identity protections as your other corporate services.

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