Weekly Threat Report 10th April 2020

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

In this weeks NCSC Threat Report, criminals continue to exploit all crime types around Covid-19 related themes. Reports are saying with more people working from home, the use of vulnerable Virtual Private Networks (VPN's) are leading to an increase in cybercrime opportunities.

There is some really good, free guidance on home working, and how to prepare your organisation and staff. As reported last time, there is still a continued threat from phishing emails and messages. Again, please read the guidance on how to make yourself a bit safer.

In February, Microsoft issued a patch around vulnerability on Microsoft exchange services. Businesses need to make sure they have installed this patch, as recent figures show there are lots of servers that are still exposed.

Steve Leach, Head of Cyber and Innovation at the NEBRC.

Read the NCSC weekly threat report from the 10th April 2020 here: